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16 décembre 2010


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On the Events of December 11, 2010 The Statement of the Civil Constitutional Forum

On December 11, in Moscow tragic events - mass outrage and pogroms on the basis of national hatred - took place. In fact, the center of the capital was in the hands of the bands of thugs for some hours when conniving by police, with its total powerlessness. There were the injured. Blood was shed. The practical absence of the officers of law enforcement authorities on the squares, streets and underground stations during the pogroms and their inability to defend people that became targets of criminal racist aggression when knowing about the action in two days before it arouses our indignation.

We express deep condolences to those injured during the pogroms. We also express deepest condolences to the friends and relatives of Yegor Sviridov killed some days before. We demand to find and punish all those guilty in the organization of the pogroms of December 11 and those guilty of the murder of Yegor Sviridov.

We announce that the events became the result of constant playing to the gallery by the authorities to radical nationalist groups and the use of them in power actions against civil activists, many years of imperial rhetoric from the very top of the authorities and inability of law enforcement authorities to stop displays of aggressive xenophobia. The highest political management of Russia is to blame directly for the tragic events. We demand from the President and the Chair of the Government of the Russian Federation to report back to the Russian society on how the authorities could allow nationalistic pogroms. We demand as the first and obvious step to sack the minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the management of Moscow police.

The tragedy in Moscow is not a single instance. At the same time similar actions of the nationalists took place in Saint-Petersburg. There are messages about plans of carrying out racist actions in other Russian cities. Urgent actions are needed to prevent the wave of radical xenophobia violence to crash on the country.

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